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Josie Porter Farm

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Cherry Valley CSA is a great program. We joined last year and enjoyed fresh, local, organic food throughout the summer and fall. We are still using items we froze/canned. My kids loved trying the different vegetables that we wouldn't ordinarily buy in a store due to the cost. You can volunteer to work the farm in many different areas. Some members manned the distribution center while others harvested the crops. Weed wacking and mowing are also appreciated. The farmer and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. There are pot luck dinners through out the year so members can get to know each other. My kids & I enjoyed working with them. I am glad we have signed up again this year. -Carol B., CSA Member

I very much enjoyed the past year with Cherry Valley CSA. We loved the fresh veggies and I even enjoyed picking veggies - even the green beans! My family is looking forward to a bountiful growing season.  - CSA Member

I loved picking up all the fresh produce each week, learnig more about them and how to cook them. We definitely ate more veggies this summer and that's good! My Simply in Season cookbook was quite a help. -CSA Member

We are very satisfied. I loved the fact that I could bring my family with me and show them where their food came from (and even hike around!!). - CSA Member

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