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Josie Porter Farm

Home of Cherry Valley CSA


                 - Welcome to the Josie Porter Farm - 
Offering healthy, chemical free produce and food to our community for over 12 years!

Online Farm Market 

Order on Tuesday mornings and pay online - pick up at the farm on Fridays and/or Saturdays. No need to go into any store - just the great outdoors here in Cherry Valley!

Click on the order now button above and see the plethora of local goods, produce, meats and eggs available to you! 

Special statement:
Due to the COVID-19 virus we will be limiting our contact with customers for your and our sake. With our new system, all you need to do is order and pay online and come pick up your order - leave some time to enjoy the fine weather and sun, go for a walk, pet Tommy, enjoy a new conversation (with proper social distancing methods)- it is good for the soul to be outside and enjoy some UV light! We will still be utilizing our high standards of cleanliness and sanitizing schedules in our packing sheds- sanitizing countertops, door knobs and washing of hands before handling items, and use of gloves.  Please, if you are not feeling well, stay home. Send a friend to pick up for you. We will be adhering to all safety measures as recommended by the USDA and the PA Department of Agriculture. Both departments have stated that all PA farm markets and stands provide a vital service to their communities, and so, should remain open through this public health crisis. That's the information we have at the moment, so that's what we'll do! We intend to do our best and keep the experience of eating local from the Josie Porter Farm, SAFE. Thank you for your continued support!

Perfect year to be thinking about a CSA share - It's time to get on board and make a new commitment to your health, local farms, and the local economy. Find out more below and join today!

Or print the application at the bottom of this page and send a check.

In 2020,  we are collaborating and offering a CSA box share drop off program to the following locations:

20-week program
      - St. Luke's Monroe Campus, Bartonsville 
      - St. Luke's North Office buildings on Commerce Way, Bethlehem

10 week program
      - Mountain Top Lodge for communities surrounding and around            Lake Naomi and Mt. Pocono!

 Are you a company or organization? Offer this program to your employees as an incentive for your employee wellnes program.
Want to start a community drop-off point? 
 Contact us for more details on how to get set up for the 2020 season!

Special Order Pick-Up Dates & Information:

 Raw milk dairy from 100% grass fed cows

Fresh Roaster Chickens every month 

Fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving

For more details contact us or stop in the store!

The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.   

Wendell Berry   

In the past few years we diversified our farm operation to include a "Buying Club" with our on-site farm market.  The Josie Porter Farm is actively working with a number of other small family farms, who share our values, within our regional "foodshed" to insure the highest quality and widest variety of certified organic grown fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy and eggs at our on-site farm market and produce within the weekly CSA share.  Variety and choice has been expanded through this collaboration and augments our notion of providing a local food hub for one-stop healthy, sustainable food shopping.  We offer locally and regionally sourced:  honey, maple syrup, meat, eggs, cheese, breads, wild caught Alaskan salmon and more!  Click here for information about the Buying Club. Buying Club membership allows you to order before the general public for specialized items like whole, roaster chickens, meats, dairy, and bulk items. 

The foremost program of the Josie Porter Farm is the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) operation which provides a weekly share of produce, on-farm and now through workplace wellness programs and community drop-off sites, to over 150 families in the local community.  Click here for more information about the CSA.

The Buying Club and CSA operation are programs of the Josie Porter Farm.

We are located eight minutes south of Stroudsburg in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and offer families an opportunity to partake in fresh, locally grown and organically managed produce. Families who participate in the farm support the cost of raising these delicious vegetables, and help maintain the environmental and scenic quality of the beautiful Cherry Valley area of the Pocono Mountains. The local community of shareholders and members becomes connected with and mindful of the real needs of our Earth, the Valley, and "their" farm.

Visit us at the farm or join the Josie Porter Farm Facebook page.       

                     For more information, contact us!

Downloadable Documents
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